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    sanatorium «Nadzeya»
    The swimming pool was completed, the rooms are kept in good condition, the linen is changed 1 time in 5 days with a 10-d...ay trip. It is very convenient to get there: the M1 highway is near, the medical base is in good condition, it rested 3 times in 8 years. There are also disadvantages: there are no sun loungers on the beach, Mikhail broadcasts only Russian cinema, a bust to Lenin. The bottom line: if the price goes up, then I’ll better fly to Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Georgia, etc.
    The sanatorium is located in a pine forest near Brest, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, there are many excursions. A good medical ...base, manual therapist - Anatoly Ilyich, just a magician! There is a swimming pool, jacuzzi. Healed his teeth at the dentist. And chocolate wraps made the skin silky and tender. We will come again.
    Rested with my daughter in July 2017. This is our second holiday in this sanatorium. Beautiful nature, excellent food, w...ell-groomed territory, a diverse medical base, interesting activities and excursions. Caring and attentive attitude of all staff. Thank you for the wonderful stay. We will wait for the pool and hope that because of this, prices will not rise.
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    About us

    Sanatorium “Nadzeya” is located in a pine forest on the bank of the Mukhavets river (35 km from Brest), where you can improve your health and restore your body’s strength.

    The sanatorium “Nadzeya” invites everyone to spend a holiday with the benefit for the body. Medical treatment and rehabilitation procedures of the sanatorium will help to overcome many diseases and prevent the emergence of new ones. Picturesque nature and crystal-clear air will enhance the effect, having a beneficial effect on the condition of guests. The guests of the sanatorium have available 30.2 hectares of pine forest.

    Accommodation in the sanatorium

    Vacationers can stay in comfortable rooms equipped with everything necessary:

    • Single room of class “Standard” (ottoman, bathroom and shower, TV, refrigerator, electric kettle, dishes);
    • Double room of class “Junior Suite” (two beds, ottoman, bathroom and shower, TV, refrigerator, electric kettle, dishes);
    • Double room of class “Suite” room (double bed, sofa, bathroom and shower, TV, refrigerator, electric kettle, iron, hairdryer, dishes);
    • Double 2-room suite of class “Suite” (double bed, sofa, bathroom and shower, TV, refrigerator, electric kettle, iron, hairdryer, dishes).


    Guests of the sanatorium have the opportunity to make their own five meals a day (including dietary; diet D, B, N are available).

    Wednesday is a special day: on this day you can taste dishes of national Belarusian cuisine.

    Treatment in the sanatorium “Nadzeya”

    The sanatorium specializes in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, musculoskeletal and respiratory systems.

    Specialists will help to choose medical, diagnostic and cosmetic procedures, taking into account individual characteristics.

    • Therapeutic baths (turpentine, dry carbonic, pearl “Golden nectar”, “Bali”, “Red wine”, “Cleopatra” and baths on medicinal herbs);
    • Hydromassage;
    • Charcot’s douche;
    • Halotherapy;
    • Nebulizer inhalation therapy;
    • Aromatherapy;
    • Acupuncture;
    • Massage (manual and mechanical, dry aqua massage, electrostatic vibratory massage);
    • Floating (relaxation of the body by “immersing” it in weightlessness);
    • Heat treatment;
    • Phototherapy;
    • Mud therapy;
    • Healing Wraps;
    • Dentistry;
    • Instrumental physiotherapy (galvanization, medicinal electrophoresis, darsonvalization, ultratonotherapy, magnetic therapy, etc.);
    • Pressotherapy;
    • Cosmetic procedures (masks, facial massage; seaweed, chocolate and tea wraps, vertical tanning bed, “Vacu Activ” slimming device);
    • Diagnostics (ultrasound, rapid diagnostics of blood by a non-invasive method, electrodiagnostics by the Nakatani method).

    Leisure activities

    Vacationers of the sanatorium can play billiards, table tennis, futsal, basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis, and shooting club. There are also rental stores of boats, catamarans, bicycles and sports equipment. Sauna where you can relax and enjoy the peace is on the territory of the sanatorium.

    Additional advantages

    • Holiday packages for any number of days;
    • Flexible arrival schedule;
    • Two forms of holiday packages: sanatorium-resort and therapeutic;
    • Individual treatment and rehabilitation programs compiled by first category physicians;
    • Own aquatic center and hydropathic;
    • Gym, dance and gymnastics halls;
    • Covered barbecues on the territory of the sanatorium.

    Sanatorium “Nadzeya” - relax in good health!

    Brest region
    Medical profile
    Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, Diseases of the nervous system, Diseases of the circulatory system, Diseases of the cardiovascular system
    Lake/river nearby, Swimming pool, Sauna/bathhouse, Gym, Bar/cafe, Children's playground, Tennis court, Beauty saloon, Equipped beach, Cinema hall
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